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Out Of The Shame

Out Of The Shame
Out Of The Shame
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  • Model: Out Of The Shame
  • Dimensions: 36.00in x 48.00in x 0.00in

Out Of The Shame

36 X 48 inches 

Mixed Media On Canvas

About the Artist:

Arijit Chakraborty is a self-tutored artist working with visual media over 15 years in India. His primary medium is photography and painting. As a photographer his work revolves around portrait from performances, locales and random interactions. The other subjects that he concentrates on with photography is historical cities, like Kolkata, Old Delhi, Amritsar, etc. Sofar his works had been showcased in several galleries, institution of repute and fairs. AF Kolkata, Kolkata Art Fair, Chennai Photo Biennale are some of those. As a fine artist, his works are mostly socio-political or psychological at large. Impressionist and surrealist signatures with lucid motifs, is Arijit’s language. Mostly black & white, his works seek the character of subjects rather than the superficial ornamentation of things around us. Arijit was born and brought up in a Bengali family with an acute inclination towards arts. He started as a photographer way after he graduated with economics and politics. A diploma and a post graduate diploma in photography and visual art is what bolstered his stance on this industry. Currently Arijit is preparing for his works on urban landscapes and the psyche behind it.

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