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  • Model: Alpenglow
  • Dimensions: 90.00cm x 90.00cm x 0.00cm


90 cm X 90 cm

Acrylic on Canvas using mixed media Techniques

About the Artist:

Dolly Bhansali Chopra, a self- taught artist from Jhodpur based in Gurgaon has been in this field for the past many years. Her speciality is abstract texture paint . But she gives them an innovative twist with a mix of colors in nature.  She creates abstract art with minimal use of paintbrush, instead focusing on unconventional tools like palette knives and paint scrappers.The rough and coarse texture of the minerals and its muted earthy colours give a dimensional effect to the painted surface. She creates soft yet compelling explorations using mixed-media techniques that allow her to create layers and textures. Occasionally, inspired by geometric shapes, ancient architecture, spirals, and fractals, she also creates contemporary explorations of Mandalas, Murals, and Ink drawings. 

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