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Balance in a Life

Balance in a Life
Balance in a Life
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  • Model: balance in a life
  • Dimensions: 14.00in x 14.00in x 0.00in

Balance in a Life

Size: 4x5 feet


About the Artist:

Avijit Mukherjee, a self-taught artist has done two Man Shows in 2015 on Northern light, Southern stories, gallery K2, Kolkata, with Norwegian artist, 2008 Union of Uniqueness, Spon.  By Art Club Bangladesh, Gulshan, Dhaka curated By Nahid Osman & on 2007 Colour of Rhythm, Sponsored  By Pegasus Art Gallery, Hyderabad.


He did Sponsor Shows in 2017 MAYA ART SPACE, KOLKATA. Annual show 2016   GALLERY RANGE  KOLKATA curated by Soma Bhowmik, 2015  ICCR Gallery curated by Dd art space gallery, Kolkata, 2015 “Indo-Thailand painting show in Thailand, Rebel Art Space, Thailand And Many other Group Shows in 2017. A group exhibition curated by Holding Hands group, Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi, 2016,   Painters 80 annual show in Birla academy art and culture Kolkata.


And awarded by many Awards in 2009  Annual  The show, Birla  Academy .art & culture,2007 Certificate of Merit, Avantika Art  Foundation, Kolkata, And in 2005  Aranya  Award, Kolkata

Solo Shows:   

2010 - “The  Grid” -    at the Ganges  Art Gallery, Kolkata.

2010 – The Black & White at made in gallery Pondicherry.

2004 - Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.


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