Withering Wings


A Two Men Show by


Nero Art Hub


Presenting artists Sambit Panda and Gopal Samantray .


We are always bound by realms that fall between happy existence and the lower realm which is unhappy existence.


Greed of Modern Man

Distorts the poise

Wings of flora and fauna

Wither, change the Environment

help the voiceless to rejoice

wipe out their woe our planet Their too.



When  a tree loses its leaves it tells us how appealing it can be to lose yourself in empty spaces.

The Nature tells us it is beautiful to break and within away from where you has grown.


The old leaves wither die and fall away and the new growth extends forward into the light.


The dialogue between audiences without a  presence of humanoid and in other way re-forming the values which the artist  try to portray uncommon imagery from mortal domestic. How equally importance is to exist in this ecosystem and maintain ecological balance to visualize thing and to give them shapes through their Artistics skills when the artists paints is a celebrations of the hopeful and cheerful aspects of our life urbanization, environment, our society.


A disturbance or a change that causes a disruption in the balance of a ecosystem. This exhibition unravels the of different imbalance in ecosystem due to our ignorance of our precious planet on earth.  The more we moved toward the cities, more such territories began adding up to our map, with issues changing their position in the metropolis, the encroachment over the natural habitat for animals and birds.  Alongside rising global concerns on human impact upon the state of the environment health.  The artists are showing that perhaps it  is going to create a visual impact and compels us to think as to how we should respond to the nature surrounding us.  The artists shows us through their artworks the issues we are facing and as a responsible artists who creates a world that is a reminder of the losing components, the encroachment over the national habitat for animals and birds this is certainly alarming addressing to the human greed. The exhibitions allows us to think over how we can care for the creation made by universe and safe guard the extension of precious creatures.  We wish to thank you our artists who are presenting their artwork and highlighting the component of environment where we all exists.  


Curator’ s Note

Ranbir Rathi