Online art buyers these days are more focused on unique artworks than ever. As per the recent survey in the online art market, fine arts and decorative arts got insane popularity all around the globe. The main reason is, a unique piece of art that looks fresh yet enhances the whole home decor to a new level is the new trend now.

Well, there are a few styles of painting online that are appealing to a mass audience on the internet these days. Some of which include

  1. Local views and Traditional Landscapes

No wonder that Landscape painting has been around being the most popular for both modern and retro interiors. The contemporary landscape paints can merge into any room and give a meaningful look to the room.

Although the selection process for Local views is a bit tricky and lengthy, they can be the center of attraction for any house. Mostly, people would select intimate scenes of cityscapes, rivers, forests, and meadows, which suits the lifestyle or gives a fresh look to their rooms.

Nevertheless, one can easily find the required scene in Traditional landscapes on the Internet at quite affordable prices. Thus, it is, and probably will be one of the most preferred styles of paintings selling online, mainly in countries like India.

  1. Abstract landscapes and Seascapes

When it is about adding a fresh look or giving a new interpretation of a familiar environment, most people consider abstract landscapes. Not only in residential spaces, but those paintings are also popular even in public places or corporate spaces that attract tourism.

One can find both modern and semi-abstract landscapes displaying seascape, harbor, beach scenes in a unique way.

Although these are the subcategory of the Landscapes painting, what makes them different is the way it engages the audience.

  1. Abstract paintings

Raw Abstract artwork is appreciated everywhere as it is the best match to any home decor. Abstract paintings are the unified representation of color, texture, and shape, which altogether forms a style that enhances the entire vibe of the environment.

On the other hand, as abstract paintings are renowned for their symbolic approach, the viewer gets the chance to interpret the meaning instead. So, it is also one of the top-selling points of abstract paintings.

  1. Wildlife paintings

Not only photography, but even wildlife paintings are also popular among the companies selling paintings online in India. Popular breeds of dogs, tigers, cats, and giraffes, etc make a great complement for modern interiors. Whether it is about a single animal or a group of animals amidst scenic beauty, those paints are meant to impress from all aspects.

  1. Oil and acrylic portraits

Life-size portraits made from oil and acrylic paints indeed have a whole different fan base. Whether it is a vintage-style room or a classic modern interior, those portraits make the best possible impression when complemented with perfect lighting. 

The preferences and interests change with the trend, which as per the online art market, is frequent and rapid. But, these 5 painting styles are now dominating the market grabbing the attention of buyers from all over India.