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Inner Peace

Inner Peace
Inner Peace
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  • Model: Inner Peace
  • Dimensions: 0.00cm x 30.00cm x 40.00cm


Title - Inner Peace

Medium - Mix Media on Paper

Size - 22X30"

About Artists

Naman, a 1998 Delhi native, has dedicated his artistic journey to mastering oil painting with a focus on nude portraiture. His artwork celebrates the rich diversity of humanity and the complex emotions that define our lives. Employing bold strokes and meticulous detail, Naman aims to capture the true spirit of his subjects, highlighting their individuality and the narratives they embody. Currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the Delhi College of Art, he explores the depth of human experiences, utilizing nudity as a poignant expression of unfiltered emotion and vulnerability. Each of his paintings serves as an ode to genuine beauty, challenging conventional views and encouraging audiences to appreciate the vastness of human expression.


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