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All in 30 X 60 inches

Brunt On Books Colors & Coconut fiber

About the Artist:

Sweety Joshi ( born 1981 ) is an artist of Indian origin who currently resides in Mumbai. Graduate in Fine Arts from Abhinav school of Arts, Pune, (2005) Since then she has to her credit numerous group exhibitions like Contemporary Indian Paintings at Traveled Center, Edinburgh, Germany ,2007 Bombay Art Society Award for best Painting, Mumbai, 2007.Sweety works with different type of papers , Mirrors and she is inspired by the nourishing quality of fire. Fire, for her, is a transformative principle coffers of nature. Sweety details the method of her art by associating the act of burning to a transformative, progressive and positivist act She uses burnt dots on paper to imply the different aspects of her personal travails through life. She takes inspiration from the eternally unfolding colors in a flame and injects it into her art by using different folding and rolling techniques of colored papers that are burnt. Subsequently she kept on refining her own visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through her obsession with mixed media and environmental work. In these 5 years she has done lot of experiments in digital media also.

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