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  • Model: LOVIMAL-1
  • Dimensions: 36.00in x 36.00in x 0.00in

LOVIMAL-1_ (Anne Frank)

Size - 36 X 36 inches

Medium - Acrylic on canvas

About the Artist:

Zakir Hussain Tanha as a reflector, a translator and a mediator he create his works that act as a window, providing insight into the complex subjects of contemporary society, offering unique interpretations and raising difficult questions to the viewers.

His works are like a time capsule where Zakir expresses his individual experiences, in the realm of environmental, social and political. He take his role as an artist very seriously, although he still have endless amounts of fun and experience great in his studio. He try to be very thoughtful and socially and politically aware for his surroundings. Whenever he experience feelings of discomfort in his life, he need to find an answer by transforming those feelings through his art” states Zakir

Zakir Husain has actively participated in the show at Gandhi Jaynti, SIR JJ SCHOOL OF ART, MUMBAI in 2018.

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