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Fibre Glass - 22 inches

About the Artist:

Prem Lata does Fushionative sculptures - reflection of her passion and inner emotions.  She has studied sculpture under the Saroj Jain at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi.  Her sculpture are a work of deep understanding of complex emotion and reflect melody of sweet and romatic feelings.  She has been regular contributed of article and stories in the famous Hindi magazine Sarita.


Actively participated in the show at AIFACS and her ‘’ DHARATAL’’ was selected by National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi as a permanent exhibit.  Her group show in 1998 at Triveni was appreciated by many a magazines and Women ’s Era brought out a special write up for the sculpture ‘’ ALOKIK ’’ In 1998.  Her sculpture were selected and exhibited during 25th Art Exhibition held by Sahitya Kala Academy at Lalit Kala Academy in the year 2002 her sculpture ‘’ KILOL ‘’ was selected and displayed by Sahitya Kala Academy in an exhibition held by them.  Her solo sculpture exhibition was appreciated by all.

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