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Our Services

We take the hassle out of your hands by offering a full service: everything from help with selection to delivery, set-up and maintenance is done for you.

Our services include

Advisory Services: Our knowledge and industry experience equips us to guide you with regards to your art & collectables related conundrums, based on your preferences and needs we help you understand which artwork will best suit your senses or which artefact will blend in with your commercial or residential space.
Corporate Services: Our advisors can help you select the perfect pieces for your workspace and you can also rent artwork for rotation. Commission an Artwork: We can arrange custom artwork for your needs and requirements.

Special Framing and Packaging: We can fully customise your artwork as per the specifications.

Rent an Art: If you don't want to buy artworks outright, you can rent and rotate them at low, tax-efficient, monthly rates.

For kids: Early introduction to art inculcates aesthetics and creativity in kids. Talk to us for workshops tailored for kids, art walks and visits etc.