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Circle of Life

Circle of Life by T S Jadhav

Dimensions: 11 X 14 Inches

About the Artist: Tippanna S. Jadhav is a young talented artist from Karnataka, he did his MVA from Gulbarga University. Did his diploma in painting from Kannada University, Hampi. Explored many mediums and very good at pen and ink work.


2014 : Valaya Kannada Sahithya Parisatha Bheemarana Gudi

2015 : Kannada Culture dept and Valaya Kannada Sahithya Parishad Lalit Kala Academy Workshop B.  Gudi

2015 : World tourism day workshop.

 He has won so many awards also.

2011: First place in District Level Kala Parisath Yadagiri Kanada & cultural dept Yadagiri.


Group Shows :


2014 : Colours in Bombay Org by the Art Entrance Gallery, Mumbai.


2016 : Kartaka Chitrakala Parishtha Banglore.


Exhibition Participation :


2010 : Vala Mattada Kalapratibotsva yadagiri

2015 : Chitra Santhe Kalaburgi


Workshop 2014 : Buddha Bheema Kalanama Yadagiri

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