Wall paintings: Don't give up if you think that your house is a blank canvas and are urgently in need of art inspiration; it's really the best place to begin! There are usually three explanations for why your home could seem like a blank canvas for fresh art possibilities:

      Your new house is here. Nothing is currently hanging on the walls. Simple as pie; you're ready to go.

      It is your current residence. There is a sprinkling of artwork on the walls; however, many of the spaces are empty.

      It is your current residence. There is art everywhere, but it is either vintage, old, or faded. Or maybe you're just completely bored with it. Start picturing what a complete makeover may look like.

Whatever the circumstance, we have your back—and your walls, too! Come along for a guided tour of our art-inspired rooms.

Big Entrance

Set the mood for the whole house with artwork that will wow your guests right away. Make a statement at the entry with complementary art, regardless of whether you like a more formal aesthetic or want a more casual interior design.

A Joyful Hallway

With a piece of art in the hallway, you'll have a spring in your step as you move from one room to another. Additionally, for a gallery-like feel, it's the perfect spot to go crazy and add numerous prints. If you're just getting started, abstract scenes are a simple choice; simply ensure the pieces have an identical aesthetic or colour scheme.

Opulent Living Room

To breathe new life into your living space, use complementary or contrasting colours in imaginative ways. For easy and efficient ways to assemble a living room, look at your current décor plus soft furnishings (sofas, pillows, rugs, etc.) for art ideas.

Seasoned Kitchen

Add flair to a kitchen space with food art inspiration—a frequently overlooked space for wall hangings. Delectable treats, from the visually appealing regularity of fruit slices to the finest of cakes and an array of spices, can be used to create a beautiful treat for the eyes.

Comfortable Dining Room

Create a dining space where friends and family can gather to eat, drink, and have a good time. By selecting artwork that exudes cosiness and atmosphere, you may honour a love of delicious food and enjoyable times.

Enchanting Master Bedroom

A master suite that exudes romance, warmth, and flair can help you relax from the strains of daily life. For the most pleasant of slumbers, look for artistic inspiration in dark, brooding colour palettes with serene, nurturing landscapes.


We hope you find our suggestions for wall paintings and artwork worth adding to your home. Meanwhile, if you are searching for the best place to buy wall paintings online, visit Nero Art Hub.