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Tran-sition 2

Tran-sition 2
Tran-sition 2
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  • Model: Tran-sition 2
  • Dimensions: 5.00in x 5.00in x 0.00in

 Title : Tran-sition 2

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

Size: 5 X 5 inches

About the Artist:

Binoy Vaarghese, a self- taught artist from New Delhi and has been in this field for the past twenty years. His specialty is his photorealist paintings which borrow from a multitude of sources. His technique is informed by photography, cinema and digital media, while the subject matter largely focuses on women and children against busy, colourful backdrops. But he gives them an innovative twist with a canvas,he completely involved and that is what impresses him and keeps him coming back to it. From the moment he begin choosing the visuals, to creating the composition and then painting them from the referenced photograph on to the canvas, he involved in literally ‘making’ the work. he introduce changes, both subtle and noticeable, to the figures and the composition, hence making it his own.”  He has participated in both local shows in India, and in international shows in Canada, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, London, South Africa, Denmark, Italy and Bangladesh. In 1996, Varghese was named the ‘Artist of the Month’ by the Max Mueller Bhavan and Arnawaz Vasudev Trust in Chennai. He is the recipient of the Kerala State Award and the National Academy Award. His work is in private and public collections in India.

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