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  • Model: Mermaid
  • Dimensions: 21.50in x 18.00in x 0.00in


Size: 21 X 18 inch

Acrylic on wood panel

About the Artist:

Takehisa Togo artist is an acrylic painter.  He creates these work without using brushes, as he wants to paint freely and without being bound by common sense.  He works, which he himself calls " Energy Paintings'',seems to be filled with a vitality that naturally makes the viewer smile. He wants to bring love to the viewers and make them feel better by his artworks. He started paintings the World of fantasy and reality with pastels when he illustrated a postcard.  He works daily to capture and give form to the emotions that will up in his unconscious, and his thoughts of loveand peace in the moment.  In year he received The Board of Education Award in the Western-style painting category at the 67th Miki City Exhibition in Hyogo Prefecture abstract painting with vivid colours are one of the characteristics of painter.

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