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Chhaya Alok

  Chhaya Alok
Chhaya Alok
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  • Model: Chhaya Alok
  • Dimensions: 0.00cm x 3.00cm x 3.00cm

3x3 feet

Chhaya Alok

Acrylic on Canvas 

About The Artist

Romendra Sagar, a distinguished figure in New Delhi, has carved a niche for himself as a celebrity artist with a background rich in media, including roles as a radio artist/producer and a maker of documentaries and short films. With over three decades dedicated to the realms of creativity and media, his educational path is equally impressive, holding master's degrees in 'Western Political Thoughts' and 'Modern Indian Literature', and an MPhil focused on the philosophies of Thomas Hobbs.

After making a significant impact in the audio-visual sector, Sagar transitioned his creative pursuits towards painting, murals, sketches, and graphics. His artwork, known for capturing the essence of its subject matter, ranges across surrealistic abstracts, fine art, and portraits, each piece reflecting the serene beauty of the soul. Sagar views his creative output as a form of protest against mortality.

His work has not only been featured in top media outlets like Dainik Jagran but has also been showcased in prestigious art galleries both in India and internationally.

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