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Burden of Responsibilities

Burden of Responsibilities
Burden of Responsibilities
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  • Model: Burden of Responsibilities
  • Dimensions: 0.00cm x 15.00cm x 22.00cm

 Title - Burden of Responsibilities

Medium - Acrylic on Canvas

Size - 24X30"

About Artists

Rajkumar, born in 1997 in Delhi, is an emerging talent in the art world, with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art and currently advancing his studies with a Master's in Fine Art at the College of Art. Drawing inspiration from daily life, architectural wonders, and societal dynamics, Rajkumar crafts visual narratives that celebrate the mundane, examine the grandeur of built environments, and ponder societal complexities. His creative process involves deconstructing and reassembling shapes using cardboard and paper, breaking down architectural complexities into basic geometrical forms, and fostering new dialogues between spaces and shapes. Through his exploration of light and shadow, the contrast of the ancient and modern, and the application of various textures, Rajkumar narrates stories filled with memories, historical depth, and human aspirations. His artworks, characterized by distinctive brushwork and relief techniques, serve as a testament to his unique perspective and artistic voice.

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