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Neha Bisht

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Brand: Neha Bisht
LibertaMedium - OilSize - 36" X 36"Neha Bisht works primarily with oils and watercolours. Her style is a fusion of European Realism, Romanticism and Impressionism with a Tonalism auraIn her own words "My Genre is soul landscapes, with a few variations on still life. I do freestyle which is realist i..
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Brand: Neha Bisht
 The Himalayan Trail 15 x 22 inches Set of 2 Ink on Archival PaperAbout The ArtistNeha Bisht is a multifaceted talent, seamlessly blending her skills as an artist and writer to craft what she refers to as Soul Aura Landscapes. These are vibrant expressions that capture the essence of the ..
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