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  • Model: Buddha
  • Dimensions: 24.00in x 19.00in x 0.00in


Size: 24x19 inch

About the Artist:

Rao Ranveer Kuamar, self-taught artist, in his meteoric rise as a contemporary painter in the Indian Art scene. An artist spark of childhood which flared into multiple explosions of artworks at India’s Topmost art school where his limitless ideas and dreams started taking shape through techniques and refinement under the guidance of topmost artists of India.

His work is romantic introvert with a mind full of simplistic complexities still unexpressed is just a sketch of an individualistic explosion, called him. The excited world within him, constantly strives to harmonize with the dynamics of the outside expanse to achieve the beauty of universal aesthetics, which connects all of us.

Solo Show

2019 Vision of the Beauty, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai


Group Shows

2020 Art35, Nine Fish Art Gallery, Mumbai, India

2019 The Expopedia, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India


Art Fairs

2020 World Art Dubai, United Arab Dubai

2020 Indian Art Festival, Mumbai, India

2019 Qatar International Art Festival, Doha, Qatar


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