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Medium - Oil

Size - 36" X 36"

Neha Bisht works primarily with oils and watercolours. Her style is a fusion of European Realism, Romanticism and Impressionism with a Tonalism aura

In her own words "My Genre is soul landscapes, with a few variations on still life. I do freestyle which is realist in structure, emotive in concept & expression, and surrealist in its aura, energy and atmosphere. My primary medium is oil and watercolours.

Art has 3 primary motives – Expression, Healing and Soul Connect. Everything else in art is secondary. This is my belief. A beautiful interesting picture is a beautiful interesting picture. It becomes art when it expresses a thought, heals the viewer and the artist and becomes a window, a bridge into the soul of the viewer and artist alike.

Neha Bisht creates art that is a Healing and Evocative Portal of Soul Travel. She creates Soul Landscapes of aura, energy, atmosphere and emotion.

Neha’s Healing Soul Landscapes are a spiritual experience. Her inspiration comes from Nature, the greatest portal of healing and soul connect, and from the language of healing that colours speak.

In her own words, from her published book Meandering Brush, “My Paintings of the soul are a celebration of the Divine Force present in the five elements, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Aether, and embodied in Colours and in Nature.

My Soul Paintings are my worship of the Divine and bring to you and to your environment the Healing, the Serenity and the Wellness of nature.

My Soul Landscapes are Chariots that transport you to a world of Beauty, Purity, Devotion and Oneness with the Divine Universe.

To understand Universe & Self, one needs to feel the Universe & Self throbbing inside. My Soul Paintings are a bridge that connects you to the Divine Universe and to your own soul.



LibertaMedium - OilSize - 36" X 36"Neha Bisht works primarily with oils and watercolours. Her style is a fusion of European Realism, Romanticism and I..

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