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Untitled - WA0028

Untitled - WA0028
Untitled - WA0028
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  • Model: WA0028
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Untitled - WA0028

Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 4 feet X 6 feet

About the Artist: Mahavir Verma hails from Ajmer. He is an alumnus of MDS University in Ajmer where he obtained his degree in Drawing and Painting. Below are some of the exhibitions where he has participated in recent times:

Solo Exhibitions 2010 “ My People” Bharat Bhawan , Bhopal. 2011 “ Mere Apane” Kalidas Academy, Ujjain.

2013 “The city that was” AIFACS New Dehli

2016 ” Soliloquey” Lalitkala Academy New Dehli

2017 solo show by Indian art floor Gurugram

Group Exhibition “Satpadi”An Group show of six youngers At- Jwahar Kala Kendra Jaipur Neheru Art Gallery Bhilai . Kala Mela Indore Org. Kalavart Nyas . Govt. Collage Fine Art Department Bundi. Annual Exihibition of Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy Jaipur,1999,2000. All India Fine Art And Craft Society Exihibition (R.L.K.A.Jaipur)2000. M.P. Kala Pradrshani M.P. Kala Parisad , Bhopal.2005,2006,2007,2008,2010. Kalidas National Painting & Sculptur Exihibition, Ujjain.1999 to 2009. Vishanu Shreedhar Vakankar Memorial State Exihibition, Ujjain . 2003 2004 Afazal Khan Memorial State Exihibition, Dewas. 2007 Surya Tapti National Exihibition of Paintings & Sculpture, Burhanpur.2008 State Kala Mela Org-.R.L. K. A. Jaipur.1999,2000,2001

Group Show of Five Artists the Easla Art Gallary Juhu Mumbai 2014.

Group Show of Art and Litteature Festival Bikaner 2014. Group Show Cinema Film Festival at Udaipur.2014. "5 strocs" Group showat Jehangir gallery ,Mumbai.2017

Prticipation- “ Varnagam” Artist camp Org. by Kalidas Academy M.P. Cultural Department Ujjain - 2005,2006 2008. Chanderi, 2009 Khajooraho, 2011. “Samrasa”Artist camp Org. by Kalidas Academy M.P. Cultural Department Ujjain .2008 2010. “ Singhastha Poorva Ranga” Artist camp Org. by Nav Samvat Nav Vichar Ujjain-2004

Megho Utsav “ Artist Camp Org. By Reflection of an other day Kolkata-2008

National Artist Camp ( Rashtriya kala prav ) Org by kalavarta nyas Ujjain-2004,2005,2006

Rashtriya Sanket Samagam National Artist Camp Manav Sanket Accademy Ujjain ,2005,2006,2007

Rail Anuranjan Srijan Samagam an Artist Camp Org by Western Railway Ratlam 2006

National Camp on Women’s Day Org by Kala Shruti Nyas Indore 2008 National artist workshop by Fankar Club,Ujjain.2017

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