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  • Model: Vasant
  • Dimensions: 48.00in x 48.00in x 0.00in


Size: 48 x 48 inch

Medium : Acrylic

About the Artist:

Rajesh K Baderia, a well established Artist who is known to invoke the power of colours and creates abstraction infused with ancient symbols & various forms in his works which are symbolic abstract expression of sublime spirituality and mysticism. It’s a pleasing moment that his works appeal to everyone universally though connected to roots.

His paintings are abstract expressions of experiences, encounters and beliefs. Most of the paintings have black in the background imparting an importance to the main body of work which make the viewers to have  transcendental/metaphysical experiences stirring a positive and meditative emotions.

Rajesh K Baderia  has successfully showcased his art works through 15 solo and more than 30 group exhibitions. He has also exhibited in USA, Paris, Sweden, Guadeloupe under invitations and received commendation & honor as well. His art works have been widely covered by media several times through interviews & articles.

Solo Show

2018 CELEBRATIONS, Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

2016 ALCHEMY OF COLORS, Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Group Shows

2019 Group Exhibition at T-1, Air Port and Saket, Nvya Art Gallery, New Delhi.

2019 Navrang, Bangalore and Krant, Gurgaon.

2018 Participation in International Kala Mela, New Delhi.


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