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4th Generation

4th Generation
4th Generation
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  • Model: 4th Generation
  • Dimensions: 36.00in x 48.00in x 0.00in

4th Generation

36 X 48 inches 

Oil on Canvas

About the Artist:

Dharmendra Rathore artist  born in Rajasthan in year 1966. He has done his  bachelors in paintings from  Rajasthan school of art and later his master from Delhi college of art.  He gained a variety of experience during his college days by working with legendary masters like Ram Gopal Vijaywargiya, then on miniatures with Bannu ji and Kripal Singh. His work focuses on gyan, dhyan, and vigyan where his figuration stands distinctly for the elongated eyes, dainty demure, peaceful posturing, meditative stance and long flowing robes of his protagonist.  The playful figurative paintings over laden with abstract swirls, strokes scribbles reflect the duality of life and the rustic terrain full of vibrant sounds and sights of Rajasthan comes alive under the master strokes of Dharmendra Rathore.

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