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  • Model: Ghat
  • Dimensions: 24.00in x 24.00in x 0.00in


Size: 24* 24 inches

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 

About the Artist

Gopal Samantray, a self- taught artist from Odisha born in 1976.  He has been in this field for the many years. He has done his BFA in 2002 and MFA in 2005 from Utkal University of Culture odisha.  Gopal Samantray engages with the natural world in a much more active and immediate way by bringing natural materials into new settings. He often seeks to both: transform the way that the site is viewed, and revealing what was already there.  Gopal Samantray is an artist, who has spent considerable time with the tribes of Western Odisha and has had the opportunity to observe the pristine nature that they survive in and the challenges the global development is forcing on them. Mapping the environmental issues for Gopal comes handy, with a benefit of language and proximity to the community. He has participated in both National and International Exhibitions. 

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