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Ancestors of the Lost Legacy

Ancestors of the Lost Legacy
Ancestors of the Lost Legacy
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Ancestors of the Lost Legacy

40 * 30 inches 

Acrylic on Canvas

About the Artist:

Ranjith Raghupathy, artist  born in 1974. He has done his three years Diploma in Fine Fine arts (Painting) from Kerala University. He has been in this field for the past twenty years.  As an artist he is into experimenting with diverse style in paintings, figurative as well as abstract art. He has participated in several group shows and art camps in his school days and conducted his first successful solo exhibition in 1997.  He conducted twelve solo exhibitions in different parts of the country and participated several group shows and won many awards.

Ranjith Raghupathy published a book ‘Beyond the words’ in 2011.

He had written and directed 10 short films and a feature film which has screened in several international film festivals and won many awards. 

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