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Acrylic on Canvas  34 x 28 inch.

About the Artist:

Rashmi Malhotra, according to Rashmi - I started my educational qualification with Math Hons (BEd). I played with numbers but my heart and mind always quenched for art.

So, after marriage, I again started studying and got my Master degree in Painting. It's like a dream come true.

I strongly believe As every breath is needed to live a life, every stroke gives liveliness to that life.

I worked under the noted Artist Roop Chand. Painting for me is a generalized term for an accumulation of thoughts, experiences and lessons that reveal profound truth in hues, colours and visages.

After practising since long now I explored my signature style. l named it-Linear Angular Abstraction.

Deep within me lies the lover of nature who provokes me to create lotus pond paintings. These paintings filled my heart with immense peace and energy. I often visit Himalayan regions for being with the beauty of nature.

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